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Out With the Old, In With the New

So, for the past three years I have been using an Asus Essentio that runs Windows 7 on a 21.5 in display. I LOVE this computer. It was fast and easy to use. (Asus is the cheap way to go!) Unfortunately, my poor poor computer was dropped (not by me). It could still be used, and I did use it for a very long time, but it often shut down randomly. This wasn't really a problem for me, until I started up this nice little business. Can't have a computer shutting down every five minutes when working in Photoshop.

I  have been thinking about getting a new computer for a while, with my earnings from all of you :) The picture you see below is what I saw everyday for months. Same thing, over and over again.

Yesterday after losing work due to this screen (and forgetting to save, whoops!),  I decided it was time. Drove to Best Buy today (twice, long story), and purchased my first computer!

Besides the SUPER LARGE screen, and the fact it will be able to fit 4 windows at a time, plus run 3 programs and a gazillion tabs at once, it is beautiful! Sleek, only one wire (crazy), and will connect to my phone, mini iPad, and Macbook Pro through iCloud.

I'm hoping this will decrease the time on each blog, since this one won't be shutting down every few minutes.

I am SO excited about it, and can't wait to learn all the tricks to working with an iMac.. after I finish the wait list, of course ;)