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Weekly Glance - January 2018


Along with a redo of our own site, we also redid OCD in Elementary using the Piper + Paige template.

Here are a few other designs we've been working on:

In Real Life

Wednesday was my last (hopefully) first day of school (for a bachelor's degree anyway). Not sure if it's the fact that I need to do well this semester to graduate or the 'New Year, New Me' motto giving me some drive, but I'm ready to make this semester speed-by by keeping busy. I want to finish all the assignments of the semester now (instead of the night before), revive Blogs Fit for a Queen as a platform for my portfolio and connect with colleagues on LinkedIn (connect with me!).

I'll be posting these 'Weekly Glances' as you can guess, weekly, for as long as this New Year's resolution keeps me going (hopefully longer than just this week!)