29 June 2015

Together May We Give Our Children the Roots to Grow and the Wings to Fly

I created this balloon clipart and REALLY wanted to put it to use. A tree stump, grass, and some font selection later, and voila- this poster was born! 

I actually created it much larger for poster use- 27in by 36in, if anyone would be interested in the high quality image, just comment or email us and we'll send it.

-found the quote on Pinterest but couldn't find original source-

27 June 2015

Now Designing on Wordpress!

It's official! We have finally delved into the wonderful world of Wordpress.org. We couldn't be more excited to begin this journey!

We had the lucky opportunity to design two Wordpress sites for an orphanage foundation located in India and a fellow TeachersPayTeachers seller at DIY Farm Wife!

Interested? Check out our Pricing page HERE!

05 June 2015

Love & Lost | Quick Blog Design

Hellooo! I was scrolling through Pinterest looking at all these DIY globes and getting inspiration, so to satisfy my creative needs I went ahead and made a quick blog design (I do this wayyyy too often). 

I figured I would offer it to anyone who may like this design/theme. 
Selling this design (not exclusive) for $10.
I can replace title and signature. Widget titles and pages are automatic.
Installation included.

Anyone interested? Email us and we can work out the details!

02 June 2015

All you need is love and... coffee?

So here I was, sitting in front of my computer sipping on a Starbucks Frappuccino.
Featuring Russell the plant, enjoying his last few days of life (it's not like we MEANT to kill him!)
Not quite ready to start the day of answering emails and sending out previews. I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw this lovely quote, "All you need is Love and a good cup of coffee", and BAM! Inspiration. 

So, here's a freebie for your Friday Tuesday, and hopefully there will be more to come!
Now.. back to work!