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About Us

About Courtney

Hey y'all! When I first became a BlogQueen, I was just an 18 year-old who liked gaming, reading, and designing. I was about to begin college life at a local University and wasn't sure if I would major in Education, Graphic Design, or Computer Science. Designing blogs made me realize my love for learning - especially regarding code and applications. In turn, I decided to take a risk and major in a degree that was a middle ground between leading, teaching, and coding. This field is called Informatics and is a "sister-major" to Computer Science. Informatics focuses on project management, programming, user-interface/experience, and business essentials.

I graduated in Spring '2018 with my bachelors in Informatics with a minor in Business and am currently working as a Data Analyst. Though I no longer have the time and resources to invest in BlogsFitForAQueen as I may have once had, I still enjoy designing on the side at night and weekends to fulfill the creative aspect I so love that I can't always find in school or at work.

Connect with me on LinkedIn if you would like to start a conversation!

About Shanon

I'm on my 18th year of teaching. I taught first grade for my first ten years and truly loved first and never thought I would move. Then we received a $100,000 technology grant, and I was asked to move up to middle school to help implement the grant. I taught 6th - 8th ELA and technology for four years. It was a wonderful experience, but I was glad when my wish was granted to move back down to first grade. I figured that 1st was my last stop, as I was in my happy place, but as we all know, things don't always happen the way we expect. I applied for and was offered a spot in our technology department at the district level, and it was too good of a move to pass up. Now I am working on helping our teachers as we move to a 1:1 district. Our goals are to help our teachers integrate technology effectively. It's been a fun ride thus far!

I have been married for 25 years and have three wonderful children. My oldest recently graduated with a masters degree in Geology and currently living in Pennsylvania, and the twins (Courtney and Jeremy) are seniors in college.

About Lily

Hello - I'm the glue that holds everything and everyone together. I'm an 8-year old peekapoo puppy who loves fetching, cuddling, and making my family laugh.